WordPress Management Services: How Worx Compares To The Competition

In Business stuff, Customer sites, Service Announcements, Worx by Rob Edsell

As a leading provider of WordPress Management Services in the UK, Worx recently took part in the Manage WP 2016 WordPress Website Maintenance Survey. The results have just been published and we are delighted to see we are offering much more than most, for less money! Below we have a detailed comparison that Worx clients may find interesting:

The majority of providers offer multiple tiers of service.

Like our Basic service, most providers have a bottom tier service that includes updates, backups and basic security. Unlike Worx, the vast majority do not offer website hosting, which is surprising considering the average monthly fee for this level of service is $50, in comparison to our Basic tier service costing just £30/m.

As you know, we are all about helping you making your website as good as it can be. As such, we do not push our Basic service, as this pretty hands-off approach is not what we are about.

We would always suggest our Pro or VIP levels, which both come with 24/7 support and unlimited ’30 minute jobs’ on your website – so we can help make your site a finely tuned lead generation machine.

As VIP has extra functionality just for eCommerce websites, Pro is the one we have compared with other providers’ top tier services, and we are delighted to report that we come out well here too!

The blue bars on the chart below show the percentage of providers offering various services for their top tier clients.


Worx Pro includes Updates, Backups, Security, Uptime monitoring, 99% Uptime guarantee, Malware cleanup, Licence management, Development hours, Code reviews and Hosting, as standard, for £80/m.

As you can see this is far more than most and with the average top tier price coming out at $214/m, we are offering fantastic value for money.

We also offer Content creation and SEO work as supplementary services that can be done on an ad hoc or regular basis.


We are also excited to tell you that we have invested in a new Performance optimisation tool that we are giving to our Pro and VIP clients as a…

2016 Christmas Gift!

The tool will do all sorts of super handy things (that are causing our developers great excitement!) but the main thing you will LOVE is the monthly reports that will make it really easy for you to see all the little ways your website can be improved, which you can then ping straight across to us to do as a ’30 minute job’

The tool will help us fully optimise your website, and with a little extra input it will also monitor your SEO performance against your keywords and competitors!

We will be explaining how it all works when we send out your first report in the new year, so stay tuned.