Welcome on Board Tash!

In Worx by Rob Edsell

TashWe are delighted to welcome Tash to the Worx team as Office Manager – a role that will involve a whole host of activities. In addition to taking the burden of admin off the hands of Rob and Nick, Tash will be striving to ensure all our suppliers, be they developers, designers, project managers, marketers or salespeople, are happy and fulfilled in their role with Worx and in life in general.

Promoting Happiness

We feel that as employers we have a responsibility to help our employees and suppliers make the most of their life. We want to help our team achieve their ambitions and make a difference in the world in a way that matters to them. As such, part of Tash’s role will include finding out what makes everyone tick, what they care about and what things Worx can do to help them achieve these ambitions.

Tash’s Background

Tash has a colourful employment background having started off her career as the much-loved Chelsea FC Mascot, Stamford The Lion! She held this esteemed position for 14 years while working in retail, so she has a great deal of experience in making people happy.

She’s around to help keep everyone smiling. So if you have any questions or worries, then she’s the go-to-girl. She also makes the most amazing Jamaican Patties! So….