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Welcome aboard

In Customer sites, Worx by Rob Edsell

Pleased to introduce you to one of our newest clients;, a UK only crowdfunding resources site for both the investor and investee, focusing on UK based businesses, projects, charities and crowdfunding platforms.

The Business is for those either looking at fundraising for investment purposes or raising funding for a project. They aim to help guide these people through the growing UK crowdfunding market.

The Brief

The client came to us after a bad experience with a previous developer left them with a website slowly breaking bit by bit and loosing functionality fast. They needed the website rebuilt properly with an improved design and better access so their staff could manage it with ease.

The Website

Our designers overhauled the design, giving it a fresh and inviting new look and helping to improve the navigability. Building the website using better plugins and tools fixed the functionality issues, and the SEO was improved along the way.

Visit the crowd funding resources website here and tell us what you think!