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Understanding Your Website Care Report

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We are incredibly grateful to our customers for trusting us to take care of your websites. As a thank-you and reward for using our WordPress Management & Support Services, we have installed some exciting new software on your sites to help us all see exactly how best to improve them. This is to make sure your websites are as good as can be and the best bit is, we’re giving it to you FOR FREE – FOR LIFE!

Support to Improve Your Website

What this means is at the start of each month you will receive a Website Care Report. This will detail everything that has happened with your website in the previous month. It will also give pointers on how we can further improve your website the following month. We will be able to do the vast majority of tasks as free ’30 minute jobs’ so they won’t cost you a penny!

Get the most out of your website

To get the most out of your report, you’ll need to understand it. Below we have explained what you need to know. The report is split into the following categories, each of which will only appear when it is relevant to your website:

worx website care report1. Updates
2. Optimization
3. Backups
4. Uptime
5. Analytics
6. Security
7. Performance
8. SEO (Additional Set-Up Steps Required)

wordpress support1. Updates

The Updates section tells you what Plugins (tools) and Themes we have updated on your website. Keeping everything on your site is up to date with the latest version is important to ensure your website is secure and equipped to function efficiently.

2. Optimisation

website help

The Optimisation section details some of the ‘clean up’ processes that have been done. For example, here is where you will see how many spam comments and ‘post revisions’ we have deleted so they are no longer clogging up the website.

3. Backups

website management serviceWe backup your websites every day. This section details the date of your latest backup as well as the number of backed up versions of your website that can be reinstated if required.

4. Uptime

guarantee website uptimeUnlike most providers of hosting, we guarantee 99% uptime, and the majority of the time you will actually experience 100% uptime. This part of the report details any points your website was not available.

website management5. Analytics

This part of the report pulls information from Google Analytics and presents it to you in an easy to digest format.

If you have GA, all you need to do is give us your code and we can get this set up for you. If you would like a hand setting up a Google Analytics account, we will happily help for a minimal charge.

6. Security

This part shows you how many security scans were performed on your website and highlights whether any potential vulnerabilities were detected. This report will show your website’s ‘Status’ which will depend on whether any Malware or Vulnerabilities were detected, it will also show you the Web Trust grading.

website careThis part of the report isn’t that specific, and as some Vulnerabilities are unavoidable, it can make for somewhat alarming reading! There is usually no need to panic, as ‘potential Vulnerabilities’ are highlighted as soon as there is outdated software on the site, which occurs fairly frequently as it’s not always possible for plugin makers to keep up with WordPress core updates. If this section raises any issues for your site, just let us know and we will investigate the cause further and recommend the best course of action we can take.

7. Performance

improve website speedThis is a really handy section of the report and likely the one we will interact most about. This page details the number of performance tests done on your site, the page load time, total page size, PageSpeed Grade and Yslow Grade. When these are below a grade B, we recommend you ask us to step in and undertake some investigative work to see how we can improve them. Improvements in this area will enhance the user experience for visitors to your site and help to improve your Search Engine performance.

Once we have investigated the steps required to improve your site performance, we will let you know which tasks can be undertaken as free ’30 minute jobs’ and which will require additional development time. We can then decide on a plan of action together to boost your website going forward.

8. SEO

The software is also able to monitor and report on your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) performance. To set it up, you just need to tell us who your top 3 competitors are online and give us a list of up to 20 keywords for your business. If you don’t know these, get in touch and we’ll tell you about the SEO research services we have that can help.


If you have any other questions about your report, feel free to get in touch and we’ll happily talk you through it.