how to promote your business on facebook

How To Promote Your Business On Facebook

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how to use facebook business page

Fig 1: Create a business page

It is no marketing secret that to get your name out there you need to go where your customers are. And let’s face it, they are likely on Facebook as the platform has over a billion active users.

For those of us with little to no experience with Facebook this can seem quite a daunting task. But relax. It is easier than it may seem. Facebook is a very user-friendly platform that anybody can learn to use in a short amount of time. That fact, along with these helpful tips for getting your business’s Facebook page off the ground, is all you need to get started.

Create Your Facebook Profile and Page

If you haven’t yet created a personal profile you will need to do this first. All that is required is an active email address and some personal details and this can be done right on the Facebook homepage. Once you have your personal profile, from there you can create a “page” for you business.

how to make facebook business page

Fig 2: Choose a category

To create the page, simply click on the downward arrow found in the top right corner of your profile. From there select “create a page” [Fig 1]. Facebook will then walk you through the process as you provide relevant information pertaining to your business. You will need to select a page category [Fig 2], provide details as to the industry and nature of your business, fill in the web address and upload a photo. You can also add the page to your favourites for easier access in the future. Once you click the “save info” button your page is active and ready to go.

The Difference Between Your Personal Facebook Profile and Business Page

how to make facebook business pageAlthough your business page is connected to your personal Facebook profile it is quite easy to keep them separated. Anytime you want to post as your business and not yourself, all you have to do is click the “change your name” link and you will be able to select whom you are posting as. This is important because there are times when you will want your the opinion you are voicing to be yours individually, whereas other times it will be more appropriate for you to be posting as the business.

how to make facebook business pageYou may wish to share important business related events and promotions on your personal page as well as your business page as posts from your personal account are likely to get more exposure. Facebook shows personal posts to a higher percentage of your friends than the percentage of your business page followers (those that have liked your business page) it shows your business posts to, mainly because Facebook wants businesses to pay for advertising. To ensure you are posting as the correct profile you can check the ‘posting as’ box in the corner and it will clearly state which profile you are operating under.

Start Posting and Sharing

Now that you have created your page and understand the difference between your personal profile and the business profile you are ready to start posting and building a following. Make sure you are posting interesting and relevant content, including things like events the business is participating in, promotions, product releases, relevant industry news and things of that nature. Be sure to post regularly and mix up the tone and content of your posts to keep viewers coming back. And remember, interaction is key to keeping your followers engaged. Encourage them to respond to your posts by asking questions and make sure you respond to their comments on your posts.


how to use facebook business pageThese are, of course, just the basics, but if you’d like more help and information regarding Facebook marketing, do get in touch and find out how we can help.

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