Need a website from scratch? This is what we need

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Many of you won’t have a website yet, but Worx can help with that too. We only need a handful of things from you to get cracking, mainly the content for your new website!

Before we start

We want to start building your website pretty much as soon as you sign up, so you’ll need a few things in hand before you click the button.

1. Your Domain Name

This is your website address or URL. You can find out which of your preferred ones are available and purchase it on the Loudex website here. We suggest going for the .com, and .org domains as they are better trusted by site visitors.

2. Your content

We’ll need to know what pages you want on your website along with the copy and images for these. Typically websites include a home page, about, contact, services and blog. They can include pages for testimonials, a portfolio, clients page etc. Have a look at your competitors websites if you’re stuck. If you know how you want the menu structure to work then let us know that too. Also have any images ready to send over to us.

3. Your design preferences

Send over any websites you like the design of, along with the details of any colours you want used.


Once you’ve got these lined up, you’re ready to sign up (which you can do here)

That’s about it!


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