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Delighted to Launch Crowd Worx in Collaboration with Crowd Funding Websites

In Business stuff, Worx by Rob Edsell

crowd worx crowdfunding micro websitesToday we are excited to announce the launch of Crowd Worx – a partnership between Worx and Crowd Funding Websites that will help crowd funders harness the power of the #PreCrowd

Partnership formed so Crowdfunders can harness the power of the #PreCrowd


Crowd Worx provide the ultimate pre-campaign microsites for crowd funders to gather the vital #precrowd of potential backers.

Having advised on over £10 million of successful crowdfunding campaigns, Jonathon Littlewood of CrowdFundingWebsites knows the power of the #precrowd. He advises “You only have a 90% chance of reaching your crowdfunding target if you receive 20% of it in your first week, so an effective pre-crowdfunding campaign is vital.” When Mondo broke a World Record by raising £1m from 1,861 investors in just 96 seconds on Crowdcube this March, this strategy proved itself ten times over.

Worx, the happiness focussed web dev company, have been working with CrowdFundingWebsites to develop the ultimate pre-crowdfunding campaign microsite structure, with everything prospective crowd funders need to market their campaign and gather their #precrowd.

The economically priced yet beautifully designed microsites will showcase the crowdfunding pitch and incorporate data capture tools to build a database of interested backers. The microsites are also highly valuable as a cost effective way to attain proof of concept before crowd funders make the more considerable investment of actual crowdfunding.

The microsites are available to purchase from our demo website for an RRP of £450, but if you get there before the end of May 2016 you can make use of our special launch price of £349!

crowd worx crowdfunding micro websites