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Introducing CabSnoozer, a revolutionary invention for truckers

In Customer sites by Rob Edsell

We’re delighted to introduce you to CabSnoozer. A truly revolutionary invention for truckers and our latest website design and development client.


The CabSnoozer was designed by long time trucker, Stephen. He was tired of having to try to catch 40 winks in his ‘day-cab’ where there is nowhere to stretch out and sleep in any degree of comfort. As the seats don’t recline, the best you can do is attempt to lay across the seats. However, this entails navigating the gear lever, handbrake, cup-holders, cubby boxes and other uncomfortable appendages in the way.

Stephen believed there must be a proper solution, so set about designing the CabSnoozer. When he had created his masterpiece, he came to us to design and build a website to help him sell it.

The web design brief

CabSnoozer is a startup, so there wasn’t a big budget for the website and our affordable monthly pricing plans were a good fit. The website needed to be striking and to quickly convey what the product is all about. We decided to use imagery above the fold, with an explainer video in the next section.


cabsnoozer website design


Being a new invention, the FAQ section is very important, so it has a prominent place on the homepage. It is course also important that people can buy the product, so the ‘Buy Now’ button also stands out.

What do you think?

You can check out the website here and do tell us what you think 🙂