Amelie en Provence

Say Hello to Amelie en Provence!

In Customer sites by Rob Edsell

We’d like to introduce you to our latest website development client Amelie en Provence; makers of gorgeous homewares inspired by Provence in the stunning South of France. Bee’s pieces create the essence of Provence in your own home and include beautiful cushionsgorgeous padded clothes hangers, sweetly scented soaps and much more, so do have a look around at

Amelie en Provence

The lovely Bee came to us with a fledgeling business she wanted to take online, along with her design concepts for her website. We had a couple of calls to discuss the details of the website build. These included working out how visitors would select and purchase the products, and how we needed Bee to organise the product details and images so we could put them on the website correctly. This involved giving every product an ID code (SKU), putting all the information in an excel spreadsheet and making sure the SKU’s were in the image file names. We also discussed the few places the website structure would need to differ from her designs to work more effectively and provide a better visitor experience.

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We used WooCommerce for the shop function and needed a few extra tools and plugins to handle the variable products. These enabled visitors to select the soap variations they wanted in their bundles. Our designer also worked on the product images to make the background colours uniform, centre the products and make them the same size.

Once all this was in place we built the website and connected up Bee’s PayPal account to take purchase payments, tested the site for responsiveness then pinged it over to Bee to make sure it was all working as she expected, and made it live!

Do take a tour of the Amelie en Provence website, and if you like what you see check them out on Instagram and Facebook too!

Do let us know what you think of Bee’s new website on our Facebook or Twitter pages, we’d be delighted to hear!