Productivity on social media

How to Increase Productivity on Social Media

In Business stuff, Help, Social Media by Rob Edsell

In the increasingly competitive world of business, where online presence is everything, most businesses will be broadening their horizons online in some way shape or form, whether it’s through social media or SEO.

Like most things it’s a numbers game, so having some form of online presence beyond your website is going to get better exposure to your target audience than just hoping traffic will naturally gravitate to your site. However, all these additional marketing tools such as social media can take up valuable time and can often affect productivity levels elsewhere in your business. But we want to let you know how you can maximise your efficiency when it comes to social media and what the benefits of doing this are.

Work Smarter, not Harder

When it comes to social media, many businesses will be keeping their social platforms up to date on an ad hoc basis. This can be when there is something significant to report, such as a new product launch or simply when you have the time. However, rather than just doing it as and when, taking a more structured approach to your online marketing in social media will not only make it more time efficient but can also make it more effective too.

Make Time to be Social

make time for social mediaWith any admin task, time is always a factor, and social media marketing can be a particularly time consuming task if it’s not done in an organised manner. This is why allocating a specific time to carry out your social media related tasks, such as status updates, blog writing and Facebook advertising posts can make it a much more productive exercise overall. If you dedicate 2, 4, 6 or even more hours a week to social media, depending on your business requirements, you will find you get a lot more done in that allocated time than if you were carrying out these tasks piecemeal throughout the week.

Get Organised

It’s also important when you’re looking at efficiency in relation to social media to be organised in terms of what and when you post on your platforms. Doing a little research on current content that’s trending, as well as a sneaky look at the competition for what types of content are doing well in your industry and the best times to post, will help you plan out your social media strategy more effectively. From there you can schedule your posts in advance with platforms like Hootsuite and have a constructive approach to content creation to keep ahead of the competition.

Of course, this all sounds easy in principle, but if you want a helping hand with these tasks to maximise your businesses efficiency and productivity in social media then simply get in touch with Worx today.