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Heya, I’m Clauds, I’m gonna talk you through the basics with Worx so you can see what we’re all about.

Worx sprung from our realisation that the majority of businesses don’t push their website to anywhere near its full potential. Whether it’s due to the lack of time, funds, a helpful or friendly web developer, or simply being unaware of the opportunities available, for many – it aint happening.

Worx is here to change that.

We are here to help you grow your business online by making it super easy to alter, develop and improve your website.

We know websites do best when they are continually added to, tweaked and improved. So rather than charge by the hour to make changes, we charge a small monthly fee that includes all the techie bits you need and unlimited ‘30 minute jobs’ to your website. We work fast at Worx, so 30 minutes is plenty of time to add or edit new products or pages, change images, alter the structure to improve usability, and add functionality with handy tools.

We want your business to be the best it can be, so we actively educate you on the opportunities available and make it super simple for you to implement them (often all you need is to say YES PLEASE!)

We’ll also be bringing out plenty of bolt ons to help you boost your business and company brand. Whether you need design work like a new logo, new images or a website redesign, or marketing support with social media and email marketing (which is where I’ll be hanging out), our bolt ons will make it super simple to organise. Those that need additional functionality for their website, such as integration with a 3rd party application, will hit up the Custom Worx team.

That’s the overview really, so here’s how it all comes together.

The Build

When you sign up, the first step is we remake your website on the Worx platform. The new website will basically be a copy of your existing website, but we’ll refresh the design, optimise it for mobile and tune the performance in the process. (Don’t have a website yet? Read this)

To get going we’ll need your domain (your web address in the search bar or URL) the website log ins (if you have them), your hosting control panel login details (so something like 123-reg, 1&1, Fasthosts – if you’re not sure on this read this), and the images you would like on the website.

Once we have copied the site across, we’ll send it over to you for your sign off and get it live.

Pushing it to the max

When your site is live we can get cracking with improving it! We will send you an email a month packed full of bumph on tools we can add to your website to improve the performance and add functionality. These could include eNewsletter sign up boxes (to help boost your database of contacts for marketing), on site forums so you can create a community for your customers, social media sharing buttons, SEO boosting tools, and hundreds more! Most of these we can set up during a ’30 minute job’ so it’s all included.

Measuring like a pro

We follow this up with regular reporting on your sites performance so you can see how it is coming along. We’ll also (with your permission) use these reports to showcase what Worx customers have achieved with us, to give both our businesses a little extra marketing boost.

Sound good? You can Sign Up Here.

Fancy a chat to figure out if Worx is right for your business? Give us a call on 0800 802 1696 or pop us an email to that effect at [email protected], leave your number and when you’re free, and we’ll give you a buzz.

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