The Worx Story So Far…

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The brand new type of service that will change the way your business works with the Internet.


Earlier this year, Rob, Nick and I (Clauds) had a bit of an epiphany…

Having spent years working in the world of the web, we knew the hundreds of pain points business owners experienced when it came to managing their web presence. From being held captive by developers that didn’t come up to scratch to being overcharged for simple changes, many people were stressed out and struggling to make their website work for them.

We knew there must be a better way to look after these people and their websites. So we got our heads together and worked out that advances with website building and management tools had indeed made a wholly new type of service possible. As soon as we saw it, we set about working on the service, creating something to remove every last pain point possible. We knew the service had to include everything necessary so it could be a one-stop-shop with a ‘hassle-free’ philosophy at its core.

With the infrastructure all set up, tweaked and tuned and a website up and running, we were ready to launch in April 2015. Since then we have watched our client list steadily grow and received plenty of praise. People have been quick to comment on the desperate need for such a service, and are delighted to finally have a solution they are happy to recommend it to their friends, business contacts and colleagues.

We are now working on marketing the service, bringing more clients on board and expanding on our unique offering.

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