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Finding your website details

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Tracking down your log ins can be a bit of a faff, but we need them, so here’s why along with some help on how to do it.

Your domain name

This should be easy. It’s the address of your current website, i.e. You can just copy and paste this across to us.

Your domain log in details

We need these so that when we’ve made your new website we can switch it for the old one, and have the new site living on your existing domain.

These details should be with whoever purchased your domain. Whether this is yourself, your web developer or your hosting company, you should have these details noted down somewhere.

If they are not noted down anywhere obvious, you can search your inbox and files for the names of popular domain registrars including 123-reg, 1&1, Fasthosts, GoDaddy, Names, UKreg or Nominet to see if any welcome emails spring up. You may be paying the company directly so will be receiving invoices from them, so you can either ask them for your log in details or to help you reset them. If none of these bring up any results search your website on WhoIsHostingThis which may give you extra clues to help you track down your provider.

Those of you coming up with nothing will need to get the details from the person who organised the domain for you. This will likely be your web host or web developer/designer. If you don’t have the best relationship with this person, its best to simply ask them to send you all your log in details and not mention that you’re leaving them! If they refuse, you can approach the domain seller directly and ask the company to help you reset them.

Failing all of the above, you may have to abandon your existing domain and create a new one.


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