Become a Worx Worker and be part of a revolution in website hosting and management.

Join the UKs premier managed WordPress delivery service

Worx are always looking to add new members to our family of expert developers and web business advisors. We don’t ask for much except experience with wordpress, attention to detail and the genuinely sunny disposition you’ll need to be a worx worker.

Here is a bit of background on the team and our business strategy. If you are interested in becoming a worker then please drop us a line via our contact page and we’ll start the ball rolling with a call back.

About Worx

Worx is a private company, supported by super reliable hosting partner. Worx has built a platform and service delivery from the ground up with love, sweat and the tears of experience of “the other way”. Launched in April 2015 we already have a solid client list and our aim is to continue to service this handful of clients and deliver business applications that meet with unique needs.

Our team of people currently work from the Head Office Hub or in co-working spaces in different counties all ‘glued’ together by complex, but super efficient ticketing, billing, communication and hosting systems. Some work full time hours, and others work part time hours.

Worx workers are equal in status and are trained to handle all aspects of the business whether it’s web strategy, site development, support or content marketing.

Skills you need

We only run our own fully supported and highly locked down suite of WordPress themes and plugins on the platform and you will be trained in how to configure and manage each one. The following skills are essential:

  • Empathy, consideration and respect for customers.
  • Understanding of WordPress and experience working with it.
  • Front end HTML / CSS and JavaScript to theme and plugin issues.


Until we open Worx Studios developers will be required to work remotely so you’ll need to be self motivated and true to our way of doing things.