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Coming Soon (next month!) Worx Monthly Transparency Reports

In Business stuff, Worx by Rob Edsell

Over the past few weeks we have been talking a great deal about how we can best use our blog to help our clients. Along with all the posts designed to give you helpful tips for using your website, online marketing, and business productivity, we thought it would be useful to show you the inner workings of our business, to …

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The 5 Biggest Benefits of Blogging for Business

In Business stuff, Help by Rob Edsell

Most business owners are baffled by blogging. We’ve found they either don’t know what they should write or don’t understand the business benefits of blogging. So this week I’m going to take you through the 5 most useful benefits of blogging for business. Don’t get the benefits of blogging? Read this… 1. SEO / Searchability / Getting found online Regularly …

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How Worx websites support your business

In Business stuff, Worx by Rob EdsellLeave a Comment

  Today I’m excited to be passing on one of my most useful info-nuggets (well I think so anyway.) I’m going to explain the strategy/logic that backs up how we build and structure your websites on Worx. The good thing is, the goals of this digital strategy are basically the same for all businesses, so it’s a great framework for …

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What is crowdfunding and how can it help me?

In Business stuff by Rob Edsell

Our latest client is (working on their Worx website as I type), a UK only resources site for both the investor and investee, focusing on UK based businesses. We’ve loved chatting to Jonathan and his team about their business and found it all super interesting. We think you will too so here’s the low down: What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding …