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Beginners Twitter Tips for Business

In Business stuff, Social Media by Rob Edsell

If you’re in business and would like to get started on Twitter, or if you’ve got a profile but don’t know what to do with it, this post is for you.

Getting Started with Twitter

Joining Twitter is incredibly easy. All you need is your name, a phone number or email address, and a password. You use this information whether using Twitter for a personal profile or as a business. You’ll need to verify who you are once you’ve created the account via the phone number or email address you provide.

Once you’ve signed up for a Twitter account, however, you need to get people engaged, and this can be the most confusing part of using the micro-blogging platform. However there’s no need to worry, as we’ve created some tips to help you set up and grow your account.

Fill in your profile information

Once you’ve set up the account, you need to start off with a few basic bits of profile information such as a description, profile picture, background and colour scheme.

If you’re tweeting for business, the best profile picture to use would be your company logo, as it’s what people know you for and recognise. When they’re trawling through Twitter’s suggestions of who to follow, seeing a familiar picture will prompt them to click that ‘follow’ button.

A brief bio of the company is also required. A good bio will set you apart from other similar accounts – or even those trying to replicate you. Try and keep it concise. Make sure you add the link to your website too.

The background picture is not essential, but it is worth putting these in, again to set you apart from the other accounts. A picture that fits your brand works well. This could be a nice image of your products, shop, or a funky graphic that conveys what service you offer. Do remember to make sure you have permission to use the picture though – you don’t want to infringe on someone else’s copyright.

Who to follow, and how to get them to follow you

Once you’re set up, you can sync up your account to your phone or email accounts contacts to find people you already know. You can then follow them all in one go and in most cases they will follow you back. Twitter asks you to try this feature out straight away, so all you need to do is follow their instructions.

After connecting with your friends, colleagues and clients using your contacts, you need to think about promoting your Twitter page elsewhere. Make sure you add a link to your Twitter profile to your company signature on your emails, as well as on your website; and even on your other social media platforms, such as Facebook; it’s likely interested parties will have accounts with more than one social media platform.

Another way to gain followers is via the Twitter ‘networking hours’, some of which are listed here. Simply log into your account and tweet using the hour’s hashtag (#) during that hour, responding and chatting to other SMEs doing the same. When you post, make sure it’s catchy, interesting and readable, include pictures and relevant links.

The simple rule is you want more followers than you’re following – that’s what makes you a popular account. More followers mean even MORE followers!

Be wary of gaining followers without engagement

A word of warning, however. There are some unscrupulous people out there capitalising on new users’ desire to gain followers quickly, so if you’re approached with the offer to increase your Twitter following rapidly, be very wary. Twitter can tell, and most likely everyone else can too, if you’re being followed by lots of ‘Bots’ (Accounts created simply to make accounts look popular, or to spread unauthorised / unsafe content). Twitter has been known to mass delete these spam accounts, so those that buy followers often find great swathes of them disappearing at once!

Key tips for Tweeting

All in all, creating an active and engaging Twitter presence is a marathon, not a sprint. Here our our key tips for what to Tweet and how to behave on Twitter:

  1. Don’t be overly promotional – No one is interested in reading salesy Tweets over and over (or at all!)
  2. Do tweet regularly – 4 times a day is optimimum as Tweets don’t live long. But saying that, quality is more important than quantity so if you can only post 1 interesting tweet every other day then so be it!
  3. Make sure you are being social. Rather than using the platform purely to broadcast your messages, actually interact with your followers and the people you are following. Comment on their tweets and retweet the ones you like
  4. Keep on following people you find interesting and interacting with them, chances are they’ll follow you back.
  5. Include #’s. If you’re talking about a hot topic, make sure you’re involved in the wider conversation by including hashtags, which link all Tweets that feature them into a feed so people can see the lot. For example “Had a fab time at #ChelseaFlowerShow check out the amazing shark sculptures we saw!”

The key is to really connect with your customers, and you’ll be well on your way to having a well-respected Twitter account. What are you’re top Twitter tips? Let us know over on Twitter by including our handle: @worxtalk in your Tweet!