4 Reasons Your Website Needs a Revamp

4 Reasons Your Website Needs a Revamp

In Business stuff, website design by Rob Edsell

A website is a critical component to almost every successful business, but unfortunately just having any old one is not enough. As time passes and technology advances, it is necessary to make changes and improvements to your website to ensure you get the most from your web presence.

It is not always easy to work out when your assets need an upgrade. So we’ve listed below 4 key issues you may be having that mean it is definitely time to revamp your website.

4 Reasons Your Website Needs a Revamp

1. Your current website is not responsive

get responsive website madeBy ‘not responsive’ we mean your website doesn’t adapt to different screen sizes. So when you look at it on a mobile or iPad, you tend to need to scroll up, down, left and right to see everything on the page. This is an issue because a large number of people are now accessing the Internet via smartphones and other mobile devices. When it’s a pain for them to navigate your website, they move on to one that’s easier to use – and you lose their business. Google knows this too, so now penalises websites that aren’t responsive by not showing them in their search results. So ensuring you have a responsive web design is critical if you want to capture all the leads you can.

2. There is a lot of irrelevant content

Just like technology changes over time, so do our businesses. If you have gone a while without updating and refreshing your website content you may find that there is a lot of irrelevant information displayed throughout the site. It is important to keep your information and content up to date and accurate, relating directly to your business and brand, to ensure any potential customers that visit your site can understand what you have to offer. Google also prioritises websites in the search rankings that have their content updated and added to regularly, so having a go at this can really help turn your website into a more effective lead generating machine.

3. Your website is hard to use

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Websites lacking usability drive traffic away. You want to ensure your visitors have a positive user experience which includes information loading quickly, easy navigation, clear calls to action, links to social media and other basic features that add to the overall usability of your website.

If you are lacking this it is definitely time for a change.

4. You are totally dependant on a website developer

Relying on a developer to make every little change and update to your site can be costly and time consuming. If this is you it is time to make changes, as a content management system (CMS) can make it easy and cost effective for almost anyone, regardless of technical ability, to update and make changes to text, colours and media. This makes it easier to constantly publish fresh content and keep things up to date.

Your website is not doing its job if you are not taking the necessary steps to keep it relevant and appealing to viewers. It is critical to maintain a site that is visually appealing, functions at its best and offers all of the latest integrations such as social media. Keeping your website fresh will not only keep your visitors coming back, but will assist you in converting those visitors into customers or clients.

If you’d like to know how Worx could help you create a site that is current, attractive, responsive and meets your on going needs, then we’d be happy to talk it over with you. Simply call us on 0800 802 1696 and we can get the ball rolling on a revamped website that could bring your business much more online success.