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Coming Soon (next month!) Worx Monthly Transparency Reports

In Business stuff, Worx by Rob Edsell

Over the past few weeks we have been talking a great deal about how we can best use our blog to help our clients. Along with all the posts designed to give you helpful tips for using your website, online marketing, and business productivity, we thought it would be useful to show you the inner workings of our business, to …

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A Warm Welcome to Saffron & Swan Catering

In Customer sites by Rob Edsell

Today we are delighted to show you our latest website design and build project, Saffron & Swan, a website for Frankie’s fabulous catering company. Saffron & Swan Catering Saffron & Swan is the outdoor events catering company of the Rising Sun pub in Milland. Since Frankie has returned from working in London, she has taken over the Rising Sun’s outside catering …

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The 5 Biggest Benefits of Blogging for Business

In Business stuff, Help by Rob Edsell

Most business owners are baffled by blogging. We’ve found they either don’t know what they should write or don’t understand the business benefits of blogging. So this week I’m going to take you through the 5 most useful benefits of blogging for business. Don’t get the benefits of blogging? Read this… 1. SEO / Searchability / Getting found online Regularly …

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Finding your website details

In Customer sites, Help, Tech talk by Rob EdsellLeave a Comment

Tracking down your log ins can be a bit of a faff, but we need them, so here’s why along with some help on how to do it. Your domain name This should be easy. It’s the address of your current website, i.e. You can just copy and paste this across to us. Your domain log in details We need these so that …

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How it works with Worx

In Worx by Rob EdsellLeave a Comment

  Heya, I’m Clauds, I’m gonna talk you through the basics with Worx so you can see what we’re all about. Worx sprung from our realisation that the majority of businesses don’t push their website to anywhere near its full potential. Whether it’s due to the lack of time, funds, a helpful or friendly web developer, or simply being unaware …

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Need a website from scratch? This is what we need

In Customer sites, Help by Rob EdsellLeave a Comment

  Many of you won’t have a website yet, but Worx can help with that too. We only need a handful of things from you to get cracking, mainly the content for your new website! Before we start We want to start building your website pretty much as soon as you sign up, so you’ll need a few things in hand before you …

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How Worx websites support your business

In Business stuff, Worx by Rob EdsellLeave a Comment

  Today I’m excited to be passing on one of my most useful info-nuggets (well I think so anyway.) I’m going to explain the strategy/logic that backs up how we build and structure your websites on Worx. The good thing is, the goals of this digital strategy are basically the same for all businesses, so it’s a great framework for …

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How to work with your Worx website

In Help, WordPress by Rob Edsell

We build Worx websites using WordPress, which powers 24% of the World’s websites, so the good news is there’s tonnes of tools, tips and advice on how to do everything that’s just a Google search away. We are more than happy to make any changes you wish as one of your included ’30 minute jobs’, but for those of you that would …

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Introducing Worx.Agency

In Worx by Rob Edsell

Today we’re super excited to introduce you to Worx.Agency; A web development and project management service designed specifically for agencies. About Worx.Agency Worx.Agency is here to help agencies of all sorts (branding, marketing, PR, advertising, yada yada) to deliver custom designed and built websites and digital media to their clients. Worx.Agency act as your in-sourced web development team, working directly for you, advising …